Friday, August 19, 2011

ART qt. 1

The elements of art are form, lines, shape, color, texture, space, and value. I think form is mostly used for structural pieces of art, such as a structure or a three- dimensional creation. A line is sometimes how you create the piece, and what it will look like, practically marks forming a bigger picture. There are all different types of shapes, shapes are used to define the figure your making, or drawing. Color is what adds personality to a picture. Texture is more of a three dimensional element. It can add literally texture to a picture, such as actual sand on a picture of a beach. Space is how you decide to put things on your creation. I have to make sure each word is "spaced" properly and that every letter in each word somewhat touches. Value, one of my favorite elements. Value is how light and dark certain parts of your creation is, its pretty much putting shadows into your picture.

The principles of design are emphasis, balance, harmony, variety, movement, rhythm, proportion and unity. Emphasis is to catch a viewers attention about something in your picture. Balance is pretty much making sure your picture is even. Harmony is using one single element in you piece of art, such as value, throughout your whole picture you want to emphasis shading the shadows. Variety is giving your eye many things to look at. Using different shapes, and sized can help you achieve this. Movement adds excitement to your creation, making your viewers eyes work. Rhythm is the opposite of variety, say you want a picture of something consisting of lots of circles, that would show repetitive movement. Proportion is making sure everything in your picture makes sense. Unity is practically making sure your creation is looks finished when completed, looks as a whole.